Tuesday, April 28 (28th of April 1874)

Cosima Wagner Diaries

—move into the new house! It is not yet finished, far from it, but we shall conquer.

Nice lunch at the Feustels’; at 4 o’clock consecration of the dining room with a conference among Herr Hoffmann, Brandt, Brückwald, the management committee, and the Brückner brothers, scene painters from Coburg. At Prof. Hoffmann’s suggestion, the task of preparing the scetiery according to his sketches

is entrusted to these two. 

R. tells me about the fine mood which prevailed throughout, and how everyone was filled with a spirit of complete dedication to the cause. The house could have been accorded no finer consecration. 

Cozy supper; the three little ones, Eva as leader, thank us for having given them such nice rooms. Fidi has a room of his own. Moonlight; going out on the balcony, R. and I see the grave, and he christens the house: “The Final Happiness.”

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