Thursday, May 7 (7th of May 1874)

Cosima Wagner Diaries

R. dreamed again about me—that I was giving a big reception, that people were everywhere, and he could not find anywhere to change out of his indoor costume, and I kept saying to him, “But you like it like this.” —

Two ladies from Strassburg visit us, friends of Malwida’s, I take them up to the theater and invite them to spend the evening with us. Excellent, gifted, and pleasant ladies, born in Danzig. They give us dismal news of Strassburg, whelte things are even worse than at the beginning, and they do not seem to think we can hold on to Alsace! They are also of the opinion that the German officials there are not up to their task.

Spoke a lot about education, R. advises against expecting too much from it, though one should always do what one can. “I look like a fool even to myself, with my theater up there, but I can’t help it, one goes on.” — 

R. finds the verse for our house.

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