Tuesday, May 19 (19th of May 1874)

Cosima Wagner Diaries

Thought of the proverbs—talked about education (accursed is knowledge without action, accursed the man without knowledge, etc.). One should put less emphasis on knowledge than on aesthetic feeling, good speech, good manners — the Greeks recognized and discovered the right way. What would be right for the Germans? Honorableness, modesty. From that to the state and C. Frantz’s fine physiological conception of it; his only mistake is that he considers the small German Courts and the old German federation to be natural developments, whereas they are only an abstraction and the product of convention.

In the afternoon a telegram from Frau v. Meyendorff: she is arriving tomorrow. Preparations. —

In the morning R. told me that he frequently resumes unended dreams and then wakes up saying: God, I have dreamed that already. —

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